Used Motor Oils and Used Oil Filters

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​Curbside Collection

  • Used motor oil, used motor oil filters, and cooking oil are collected on the same day as mixed recycling.
  • Do not contaminate used motor oil or cooking oil by mixing it with other automotive fluids.
  • They should be placed on the ground, at least three feet away from the mixed recycling bin.
  • Place used oil filters in a sealed plastic bag (filters must be drained before bagging). 
  • To prevent leaks and spills, place used motor oil or cooking oil in a rigid or semi-rigid plastic container no larger than five (5) quarts. Juice jugs, five (5) quart motor oil containers, detergent bottles, 2-liter soda bottles, milk jugs, or water jugs are good to use. Screw and/or tape the lid shut to prevent spills. 

Drop-off Locations

North Area Recovery Station
Kiefer Landfill
Other Drop-off Locations

Reasons to Recycle

Recycling used motor oil and filters reduces our dependence on oil, saves valuable resources, and protects the health of our families. Furthermore, it is illegal to dispose of used motor oil in sewers, drainage systems, surface waters, ground waters, water courses, marine waters, onto the land, in the trash or by domestic incineration.

Did you know?

  • Used oil contains contaminants such as lead, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, arsenic, cadmium, and chlorinated compounds. 
  • Used motor oil represents more than 40 percent of the oil pollution in our country's waterways.
  • One gallon of used motor oil can pollute one million gallons of drinking water. 
  • Used oil is easy to recycle. It can be re-refined into motor or biodiesel oil. 
  • Even after draining, used oil filters contain about 10 ounces of used oil, as well as one pound of reusable steel.​​
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